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Leah Walters // Konane Sky


L&K is a San Francisco rock'n'roll collaboration created by Leah Walters and Konane Sky.

Both accomplished songwriters and front musicians in their own right, Walters and Sky met and immediately began working together in 2014. 


The blending of Sky’s driving guitar work with Walter’s soaring vocals creates a dynamic musical landscape evoking old San Francisco, blending sophisticated musical themes with raw vulnerability.


L&K self-produced released their critically acclaimed debut album Promised Land in 2017.

Promised Land follows journeys across the country, personal heartbreak, spiritual encounters, and denial of the inevitable ~ the gentrification and loss of their Promised Land, San Francisco.


Recorded at various studios in the San Francisco Bay, including the famed Tiny Telephone Studios and hailed by SF Sonic Music Magazine as ‘one of the most enjoyable listens of the year’, L&K’s Promised Land skillfully balances the sound of old-school counterculture with the presence and clarity of modern rock and roll.

Listen Here

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